Gammaray Rainbow Hologram Backpack

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this back pack! I honestly was not expecting it to look exactly like the ad (they usually never do), but it is even more neon and exciting than I thought! I bought the purple bag because it looked the most bright, and I was not disappointed! It glimmers in the sunshine and is very noticeable in a crowd!

It has a large zipper compartment that opens up to a basic compartment and a side area to carry a lap top! There are three pockets on the front of the bag, two are held together by magnetic buttons and the other is zippered. The back of the bag has yet ANOTHER zippered pocket! The straps are adjustable so you can comfortably carry the bag however you’d like.

I replaced my purse with this back pack! My husband even likes it haha! It’s fun, sassy, and fashionable! I highly recommend it! I received this product for testing purposes but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received no additional compensation.

You can purchase your own from Amazon (for $33.19 without Prime or $19.90 with Prime) by clicking here: Gammaray Rainbow Hologram Backpack


I♥MyBaBy Manual Breastfeeding Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is a very beautiful but messy job, you are constantly changing your shirt or pumping. After nursing your baby (or before), you’ll have a letdown that is either too much for your little or that liquid gold will be wasted and soaked into a breast pad! Why waste it when you can suction this simple product onto your breast and save that bit of milk for later?! It is small enough to fit perfectly in your purse or diaper bag for on-the-go moms!

It is made from 100% non-toxic liquid and food grade BPA/PVC/PHTHALATE-free silicone, perfect for your skin and the magical milk that will be kept inside! It has a lid that snaps on for milk storage and can be kept either in the fridge or the freezer! The floral patterns make the product very attractive to the eye and it reminds me of how natural and beautiful breastfeeding is when I use it! I love that it has the measurements of ounces on the side so I can always know how much milk I’m putting in and thawing out.

This little suction pump is so convenient for when I’m just relaxing on the couch and get a bit of letdown throughout the day. I don’t know about you,  but I have an oversupply so I am constantly getting engorged. This product can help so much with that! Hand express into it to and stick it in the fridge! No more wasted milk!

You can purchase your own through Amazon (for 11.69 with Prime) by clicking here: I♥MyBaBy Manual Breastfeeding Breast Pump

RuzishunWomen’s sexy lingerie chiffon and lace Sleepwear Underwear

I cannot say enough how obsessed I am with this line of lingerie! As a mom of three, it’s very very rare that my husband and I get any alone time; and it’s even more rare that I feel sexy when we do get that. When we do get that spare moment of peace, this lingerie is one of my go-tos!

I love that this line of lingerie is specially designed for US sizes, so they always fit superb! Black and white always look great together, and thankfully,  black is the most slimming color! The fabric is soft, stretchy,  and very well made! The top is lace and has adjustable straps to give your breasts a bit of a life upwards. It’s not completely see-through which is nice because it leaves some mystery for your significant other. There is also a tie to make it tighter or looser to your liking! The lace isn’t scratchy or uncomfortable, and there was no fraying or imperfections when I received it. 

The bottom is stretchy and see-through,  which allows your making black g-string to be seen 😉 As I’ve said before about this brand, the g-string is a little weird to me, but it could just be my body type. The hip stretch perfect but the crotch area is a little big and is uncomfortable to wear. It’s not that big of a deal though,  since it’ll probably only be on for about ten seconds anyway!!! I am very pleased and impressed with this set of lingerie,  it is simple to get on and easy to take back off! 

I received this product for testing purposes but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received no additional compensation.

To purchase your own matching set of lingerie from Amazon ($19.77 without Prime and $5.99 with Prime), please click on this link: Ruzishun
Women’s sexy lingerie chiffon and lace Sleepwear Underwear

Playtoy Magnetic Colorful Erasable Baby/Kids Early Education Drawing Board Blackboard

This toy is a complete god-send!!! Avoid the mess of paint and markers with this product!

It came in an attractive box that got my children excited just from seeing it. It had no damage at all, thankfully, from the travels of the Postal service. 

The magnetic pencil very easily glides against the board. I love that there are eight zones and four different colors, which makes drawing on it very fun and imaginative!

This toy is perfect for on the go creativity! Easily distract your child on a long car ride, during/before dinner, or at any other given time! Awesome for teaching your children numbers, letters, and how to write! I gave this to my son as a birth day present and both he and his brother love it! Great for any age, even I have fun drawing on it! I received this product for testing purposes but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received no additional compensation.

To purchase your own from Amazon (for $17.99) by clicking this link: Playtoy Magnetic Colorful Erasable Baby/Kids Early Education Drawing Board Blackboard

Halloween Fish Leggings Pants Mermaid Printed Cosplay Tights

There is a big mermaid obsession going on recently! Get these leggings, and make yourself feel like a queen of the sea!

These leggings are soooo shimmery and remind me 100% of fish scales! The fabric is soft and there was so flaking or imperfections. They are made of Spandex and Polyester, so I wouldn’t recommend walking around the sun in them, they will make you sweat! I noticed that you can wear anything with these leggings and you’ll still look cute; mix and match, wear solid colors, or wear multi-colors! I read that you will get surprised with either upward or downward style scales, which is pretty cool!!!

The negatives about these leggings are that they only come in one size and fit US 2-US 8. That leaves out A LOT of women that don’t get to experience this piece of clothing. There are no tags, so you cannot differentiate the front from the back. The front is baggier than the back so I’m wondering if they made it with two back ends so they could be reversible. If you have a butt of any kind, be sure to hold onto the back of the leggings when you bend down or you will be showing your tush to the world 😉

All in all, these are super cute leggings! Perfect for the Halloween season or for everyday use! I do suggest that they make nicer sizes so they can widen their customer base. I received this product for testing purposes but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received No additional compensation.

You can check out or purchase your own pair groom Amazon  (for $39.99 without Prime or $10.66 with Prime) by clicking this link: Halloween Fish Leggings Pants Mermaid Printed Cosplay Tights

Charminer Mini Waterproof Nylon Backpack Casual Lightweight Multilayer Zipper Purse Clutch Handbag

I know many women that go through handbags like crazy, searching for that perfect one that they can’t ever seem to find. This is one little bag that you’ll want to keep around!

If purple isn’t your color of choice, they have a great selection: Black, Green, Sky blue, Watermelon red, Sea blue, and Rose red. I went with Grapes purple and I am very happy with my decision! This bag is made with 100% Nylon so it is waterproof (who doesn’t love a bag that protects your belongings from the rain!?), has an adjustable shoulder strap for your comfort, and is it considerably large for such a small looking bag!

From what I could find off hand, there are FIVE zipper compartments. Wow! You can keep anything in there! The zippers slid easily, never got stuck, and closed tight. The liner is pretty and very soft. I am very happy with this handbag and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new one! It’s not too rugged or overly fancy, it can be worn on any occasion! I did get this bag with a big discount, but it wouldn’t change my opinion on it even if I did have to purchase it again at full price. Any opinions that I expressed about this product are my own honest, personal thoughts and feelings.

If you’d like to purchase your own handbag from Amazon (for $9.70 with Prime), click this link: Charminer Mini Waterproof Nylon Backpack Casual Lightweight Multilayer Zipper Purse Clutch Handbag

SmarToiletries LILYA 2 Speed Sonic Deep Facial Brush Cleansing System

Exfoliator. Microdermabrasion Brush. Pore Minimizer. Acne Scar Treatment. Dark Spot Corrector. Blackhead Remover. Need I say more?!

This handy-dandy facial brush is absolutely incredible for giving your face that clean feeling you have been craving! It removes make up, dead skin cells, and oil; which will leave your face feeling squeaky clean! In the instructions it states to use their recommended “60 Second Cleansing Routine” for the optimal and professional-like clean that your face deserves. It has two separate speeds- normal and delicate, for sensitive skin (how thoughtful!). The package comes with two brushes, which supposedly will last for three months each. So you have about six months of use until you need to purchase more brushes from the seller (which I read is coming to their store 11/2016).

I have used this facial brush twice a day for about a week now and my face has never felt so smooth! I have always wanted to purchase a facial cleaning brush (literally, since I was like fourteen) but could never afford one. For the price, this is a fantastic little machine! I love the calm, punk color of the machine and the way it fits comfortably in my hand. I am very happy with this product! My ONLY complaint is that in the instructions it calls for two AA batteries when it actually takes AAA batteries instead. Probably a typo, so don’t read too much into it, ha! I did get this on a big discount, but any opinions that I expressed about this product are my own honest, personal thoughts and feelings.

If you would like to purchase this brand facial brush for yourself through Amazon (for $29.99), click this link: SmarToiletries LILYA 2 Speed Sonic Deep Facial Brush Cleansing System

Womens 6 Pairs Disposable Pasties Sexy Pasties Set Nipple Cover Multi Designs

I’ve never been the biggest fan of nipple pasties. I always imagined that they would feel weird on your skin and look awkward. I decided to give them a try to attempt to possibly spice up the lack of intimacy in my marriage.

These pasties are very pretty and have great shine to them! This set comes with three different designs- hearts, crosses, and palms. The backsides are soft with have a small sticker that you peal off to put them on. You honestly don’t even feel them while they are on! They are fantastic for if you’re not wanting to wear a bra with a backless shirt/dress, a see-through backing, or one with a plunging neckline! They also make it so when you’re cold, no one can see your nipples through your clothing! Perfect for those of us that like to free our tatas!! Each set of pasties are very simple to remove and do not pull on your skin whatsoever. You can even put the paper back onto the sticker area to save for another use! They are disposable, so I doubt you can use them more than a few times. I will day that if you have larger areolas, they will not properly fit and give you full coverage.

The husband really enjoyed this product 😉 ! He had no idea I was wearing them until my clothes came off. If was like a surprise for his eyes to see my breasts suddenly have a colorful, metallic censor on them! I did get these pasties at a discount but will totally purchase these again, for in or out of the bedroom!

Purchase your own through Amazon (for $7.99) by clicking this link: Womens 6 Pairs Disposable Pasties Sexy Pasties Set Nipple Cover Multi Designs

AGPtEK B6 Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Receiver/Transmitter

I honestly didn’t know what a Bluetooth transmitter was until I found this product. Honestly, when I bought it I thought I was getting a small Bluetooth speaker! I probably should have read the description, I was surprised and a little confused when I first received my package!

This product enables non-Bluetooth electronics to play through your Bluetooth headphones or speakers! Incredible! There is no need to get rid of your old CD players, boom boxes, or the likes when you have this! It is possible as long as the non-Bluetooth device has a 3.5mm jack. It is very simple to connect:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth transmitter and the device you wish to listen to music from.
  • Connect the two devices using the 3.5mm cable (which comes with the transmitter).
  • Turn on your Bluetooth speaker or headphones.
  • Connect the speaker or headphones into the transmitter temporally and wait for them to pair up. 
  • Your speaker or headphones should then be connected to the Bluetooth line and you’ll be hearing the music coming from your non-Bluetooth device.
  • Now unplug your speaker or headphones from the transmitter and ENJOY!!!

The transmitter is very light and small. It’s small enough to not take up much space in your house/car/etc. After using it one time, it will automatically connect to your Bluetooth devices each time you want to use them. If you happen to forget to turn it off, it automatically turns off after 10-15 minutes of non-use! This transmitter has high-fidelity stereo sound built into it, so your music will sound full-bodied and clear. 

Any opinions that I expressed about this product are my own personal thoughts.

*Purchase your own Bluetooth transmitter from Amazon (for $23.99) by clicking this link: AGPtEK B6 Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Receiver/Transmitter

RuzishunWomen’s Sexy Lingerie evening romance lace and mesh babydoll set

This lace and mesh babydoll lingerie set is beyond sexy! I’m not fond of buying clothing online, due to off and awkward sizes; but I was very pleased with how perfect this lingerie fit! I would honestly believe that it would be more pricey because of the quality! This is the second time I’ve bought lingerie from this line and again, I was not disappointed! I will only be buying this brand of lingerie from now on!

The dress has a deep, plunging v-neck to show off just the right amount of cleavage. The material is soft and stretchy, so it is loose and snug in all the right places! The material is Nylon and Spandex, you should only hand wash it, too keep the lace from fraying or ripping. The chest area is beautiful, lace, and partially see-through; giving just enough sight to the breasts and nipples. The bottom is completely see-through, right to the matching thong! The thong fit well in the hips but the crotch was just a little bit long. I would add a little bit more material to it, but that’s just me. The back has a slit going up the rear to show off some cheek. You will feel like a goddess in this lingerie!

As I said previously, I am extremely happy with this line of lingerie. Especially this certain set! Any opinions that I expressed about this product are my own personal thoughts.

Purchase your own lingerie set on Amazon (without Prime for $19.77 or with Prime for $5.99) by clicking this link: Ruzishun
Women’s Sexy Lingerie evening romance lace and mesh babydoll set